A new way to wake up…

This evening I decided to do a little bit of food prep. I have been seeing and hearing a lot of good things about ‘overnight oats’…supposedly the best way to have breakfast and lose weight. 

I would never start my day without breakfast. I always make sure I go up early for breakfast at work so I can re charge and wake myself up a bit more. Starting at 7am in the morning I often don’t have it until 9am or 9:30 at the latest. But it really gives me energy to continue my day and helps me tick over until lunch time. 

I used to be terrible for what I ate at breakfast time. When I was about 15-16 years old I would either have a bowl of heavily sugary cereal or a penguin chocolate bar…I know, I know. And up until about a month ago, I would have a can of cola every morning, followed by one at lunch and continually throughout the day. 

Having a Protein World shake for breakfast at work is ideal as it is filling and cheap. I get a bit of milk from the canteen upstairs and it fills me until lunch time. On my days off I want to have something a bit more substantial and enjoyable…not that a shake isn’t nice…but to have something I have prepared especially for that morning will make my breakfast time a bit more rewarding. 

I started by stewing some rhubarb I bought yesterday. I haven’t stewed rhubarb in ages and forgot how amazing the aroma was.

I then found a recipe for some basic overnight oats. I mixed some Alpro soya milk and Quaker Oats rolled oats in a bowl, then moved the mixture in to a jar. In the morning I will add some flaxseed, crushed almonds or any other toppings I find tasty.