A new way to wake up…

This evening I decided to do a little bit of food prep. I have been seeing and hearing a lot of good things about ‘overnight oats’…supposedly the best way to have breakfast and lose weight. 

I would never start my day without breakfast. I always make sure I go up early for breakfast at work so I can re charge and wake myself up a bit more. Starting at 7am in the morning I often don’t have it until 9am or 9:30 at the latest. But it really gives me energy to continue my day and helps me tick over until lunch time. 

I used to be terrible for what I ate at breakfast time. When I was about 15-16 years old I would either have a bowl of heavily sugary cereal or a penguin chocolate bar…I know, I know. And up until about a month ago, I would have a can of cola every morning, followed by one at lunch and continually throughout the day. 

Having a Protein World shake for breakfast at work is ideal as it is filling and cheap. I get a bit of milk from the canteen upstairs and it fills me until lunch time. On my days off I want to have something a bit more substantial and enjoyable…not that a shake isn’t nice…but to have something I have prepared especially for that morning will make my breakfast time a bit more rewarding. 

I started by stewing some rhubarb I bought yesterday. I haven’t stewed rhubarb in ages and forgot how amazing the aroma was.

I then found a recipe for some basic overnight oats. I mixed some Alpro soya milk and Quaker Oats rolled oats in a bowl, then moved the mixture in to a jar. In the morning I will add some flaxseed, crushed almonds or any other toppings I find tasty.



If it makes you happy…

You can’t love and make somebody else happy, if you can’t love or make yourself happy first….fact. If you revolve your time around your boyfriend/girlfriend’s life/hobbies and don’t find time to do something you love, it just won’t work. 

I found myself in that situation with my ex. Everything I did revolved around what he wanted to do/watch or where we wanted to go. I lost interest in my own hobbies and forgot who I was and what I loved. I remember my mum used to ring me and she would always ask…’have you made any Japanese food recently?’ The answer would always be no as the standard dinner involved pie, chips or anything with a carb percentage over 90% (and ideally from the frozen section).

When I got with my boyfriend he really wanted to understand who I was and what I loved doing. I said I loved anything Japanese related, food and photography. So we went to YO!Sushi on our first date and he really immersed himself in something I loved. We now share a passion for sushi, it is something we both love and if he didn’t, I would respect that and choose somewhere else to eat. 

Over the past year and a bit I have really focused on getting myself back to how I was. This has involved getting back in to shape, writing more and taking more photos when I’m out and about. I think making yourself mentally healthy goes hand in hand with making yourself physically healthy.  I have just purchased a wonderful Japanese tea ceremony set. I really want to have another relaxing hobby to go alongside my yoga and writing. I have also wanted matcha for a while as I haven’t had any since I went to Japan 3 years ago.
 So to round this blog up…do what makes you happy! Find something (or a few things you can take time out to enjoy. Exercising and eating well will give you more energy to do new projects! 

Cheat days…you need them!!

So today, I decided to have a cheat day. Anybody who is embarking on a weightloss journey needs them… Heck…everybody needs them from time to time. There are 365 days in the year and it is nice to spend a few of them enjoying food and drink with friends and loved ones. Restricting yourself and cutting out certain food groups only leads to binges or a complete end to any diet. 

To start me off on my weightloss journey I used Protein World’s Slender blend program…2 shakes a day with a 400-500 calorie meal in the evening. And it has helped me shed a few pounds. By my own admission, I wasn’t actually ‘fat or overweight’ but I had a few pounds I wanted to lose in order to look leaner, and then with regular exercise look more toned. 

I have reached a stage now where I can start to eat proper meals and replace one of my shakes with a proper nutritious breakfast or lunch. Depending on work will depend on which meal I replace with a protein shake. 

But back to my cheat day. My other half and I enjoyed some protein pancakes (recipe from the Protein World website). I added a few sneaky slices of bacon and chocolate chips. 

My snack actually wasn’t too bad…a couple of slices of soda bread with Italian style herb ham and pea shoots.

We then went to our favourite restaurant Wagamama where we had a starter, main and dessert each….

Do I feel guilty…?

Of course not! If you eat right like I have done for the past 4 weeks, then why not indulge yourself once in a while? I have spent so long comparing my weightloss and fitness to other people, it’s about time I focused on what my body wants and needs. Everybody is individual and unique! If you want a Mars bar then have one! It isn’t going to add 3 stone as soon as you finish it. Everything in moderation people! 


Finally…if you want a great free app to monitor your calories/protein/carb intake then download MyFitnessPal from iTunes. It’s a great tool to really tune in to what you are eating and will help your reach your weightloss target (in theory). I use it to make sure my meals are balanced and right for my body’s needs. 

Coconut oil…the possibilities are endless…

I bought this organic coconut oil from work the other day. I had read coconut oil is a great healthy alternative for cooking food…


BUT after I visited the website for ‘the groovy food company’ who produce the oil, they explained the various other uses for their product…

But the grooviness doesn’t end there; it’s also a beauty lover’s best friend. Smother it over your skin to keep it soft and smooth, or why not try applying it to the ends of your hair for a totally tropical hair treatment? Eyelashes benefit from a lengthening and strengthening application of the oil too, and you can even use it to remove make up. Is there anything it can’t do?

So there you have it…! Who would have thought you could get so much use from oil? At £5.99 it is quite expensive, but can you put a price on your health?