Was lost now found…

A few months before Christmas (just gone) I became very lazy. With the season of goodwill…and chocolate and alcohol approaching I sacked off the gym and thought ‘f**k it’ it’s time to relax and enjoy myself. Well it’s April now and I have managed to put on a stone in weight…crap.

I have struggled to get myself back to the gym and despite the fact my clothes have felt a lot more snug recently, I have been reluctant to even do a quick gym session to work off any indulgences.

So here goes…my fiancé and I suffered a personal loss which I don’t want to write too much in detail about as it is still quite raw, but we are both strong and even stronger as a couple. Nothing could have prevented what happened no matter how many answers we try to find. We are both trying to think positively and focus on what is to come. We went away for a few days to get out of the flat to re focus and I was ordered to rest, which I did by having a fantastic Hot Lava Shell massage and some amazing food in the Lake District.


Since coming back home it’s been a bit of eye opener as to how much my body has changed since last year. I know how much weight I have put on and my problem areas that I need to work on. I am now determined to get back to how I was and feel happier in myself which I think will help me move on mentally.

I have been researching a lot of meal ideas for my fiancé and I (as he wants to get fit too) and have started back on the Protein World program which I did really well on…so bring it on!