Progress shot…

I really wanted to see some proper results from this Protein World program…

Although I do see a difference in my body shape and have lost weight, I’m starting to question my exercise techniques. I’m currently using Charlotte Crosby’s 3 Minute Belly Blitz, but it’s hard to find time to do it. It’s not an ‘excuse’ either. I live at home and there is usually always somebody in the house so I can’t get to the TV. I could do them in my room but it sounds like I’m going to crash through the floor. 

I have bit the bullet and decided I’m going to join a gym. My sister in law goes so at least I will have somebody to keep me company sometimes! I really want to see some toning now! 

So a progress shot if you please…


I used to feel so bloated all the time a few months back due to an extremely poor diet. I now feel a lot better in myself and I always reach for fruit and healthy snacks to get me through the day.   

The first picture was taken in January before I decided to start running again. I kind of lost my passion for running after I tried doing it with an undiagnosed virus. I ran around the corner and couldn’t get my breath back and I felt really run down. Since then I haven’t had the motivation to go out again. The second picture was taken as I was starting my Protein World Slender Blend program about a month ago and the last photo was taken today (15th June). 
I hope you agree when I say there is a definite change in my body. I would like to just go to the gym now a couple of times a week and enjoy keeping fit, alongside a varied and healthy diet. 


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