If it makes you happy…

You can’t love and make somebody else happy, if you can’t love or make yourself happy first….fact. If you revolve your time around your boyfriend/girlfriend’s life/hobbies and don’t find time to do something you love, it just won’t work. 

I found myself in that situation with my ex. Everything I did revolved around what he wanted to do/watch or where we wanted to go. I lost interest in my own hobbies and forgot who I was and what I loved. I remember my mum used to ring me and she would always ask…’have you made any Japanese food recently?’ The answer would always be no as the standard dinner involved pie, chips or anything with a carb percentage over 90% (and ideally from the frozen section).

When I got with my boyfriend he really wanted to understand who I was and what I loved doing. I said I loved anything Japanese related, food and photography. So we went to YO!Sushi on our first date and he really immersed himself in something I loved. We now share a passion for sushi, it is something we both love and if he didn’t, I would respect that and choose somewhere else to eat. 

Over the past year and a bit I have really focused on getting myself back to how I was. This has involved getting back in to shape, writing more and taking more photos when I’m out and about. I think making yourself mentally healthy goes hand in hand with making yourself physically healthy.  I have just purchased a wonderful Japanese tea ceremony set. I really want to have another relaxing hobby to go alongside my yoga and writing. I have also wanted matcha for a while as I haven’t had any since I went to Japan 3 years ago.
 So to round this blog up…do what makes you happy! Find something (or a few things you can take time out to enjoy. Exercising and eating well will give you more energy to do new projects! 


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