Cheat days…you need them!!

So today, I decided to have a cheat day. Anybody who is embarking on a weightloss journey needs them… Heck…everybody needs them from time to time. There are 365 days in the year and it is nice to spend a few of them enjoying food and drink with friends and loved ones. Restricting yourself and cutting out certain food groups only leads to binges or a complete end to any diet. 

To start me off on my weightloss journey I used Protein World’s Slender blend program…2 shakes a day with a 400-500 calorie meal in the evening. And it has helped me shed a few pounds. By my own admission, I wasn’t actually ‘fat or overweight’ but I had a few pounds I wanted to lose in order to look leaner, and then with regular exercise look more toned. 

I have reached a stage now where I can start to eat proper meals and replace one of my shakes with a proper nutritious breakfast or lunch. Depending on work will depend on which meal I replace with a protein shake. 

But back to my cheat day. My other half and I enjoyed some protein pancakes (recipe from the Protein World website). I added a few sneaky slices of bacon and chocolate chips. 

My snack actually wasn’t too bad…a couple of slices of soda bread with Italian style herb ham and pea shoots.

We then went to our favourite restaurant Wagamama where we had a starter, main and dessert each….

Do I feel guilty…?

Of course not! If you eat right like I have done for the past 4 weeks, then why not indulge yourself once in a while? I have spent so long comparing my weightloss and fitness to other people, it’s about time I focused on what my body wants and needs. Everybody is individual and unique! If you want a Mars bar then have one! It isn’t going to add 3 stone as soon as you finish it. Everything in moderation people! 


Finally…if you want a great free app to monitor your calories/protein/carb intake then download MyFitnessPal from iTunes. It’s a great tool to really tune in to what you are eating and will help your reach your weightloss target (in theory). I use it to make sure my meals are balanced and right for my body’s needs. 


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