Then and now…

I mentioned in my first blog that spent a lot of my time in baggy clothing as from my early teenage years to my early twenties I was on the larger size. For my height at 5’4″ and 10 and a half stone I was classed as overweight on a standard BMI chart. I carried a lot of weight on my thighs, stomach and arms and I was always conscious to buy clothes that covered these areas as much as possible. I never went to the gym to try and shift the weight and so I carried on being unhappy with my body. 

The next two pictures were taken at my highest weight of 10 stone 7lbs. You can’t really tell (as my clothes are hiding my body) but you can see from my face how bloated I look. The white dress below now hangs off me, and the red dress in the bottom picture is now loose on the back.


The next picture was taken in the middle of 2013 when I trimmed down to my lowest weight of 8 stone 5lbs through running and watching what I ate. This photo motivates me now to get back in shape and really tone up. I would ideally like defined abs, but that will come in time through training and eating healthily. I still had a little bit of a tummy but my hips were slimming out and my body was definitely changing. 


After another week of Protein World and exercising at home I will upload a current progress shot. I can see my body changing a lot but I want to post it when I am extremely satisfied with my figure.  


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