Protein world love…


A week ago today I started Protein World’s Slender Blend program. This whole new way of approaching nutrition and food was something completely new to me up until the middle of last year, when I started to really focus on feeding my body to fuel my running.


I had been following Protein World on Twitter for some time and my sister in law had given it good reviews so I purchased my own little yellow box of goodies. 

So after a week I have managed to have 2 protein shakes a day, one for my breakfast and one for my lunch. Then for my tea I have a roughly 500 calorie dinner, usually fish or chicken.

If I am at home I have a protein rich snack of maybe a couple of hard boiled eggs, or carrots and houmous. You can have green tea for your mid-morning snack but I’m not a massive fan of it. 

I have really enjoyed eating healthy and nutritious food and I have a constant supply of energy and motivation, which helps me at work. 


After a week I have lost roughly 5lbs and I am fast reaching my goal weight of 8 stone 5lbs…💪🏻



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